Elegant wedding flowers

Nov 6, 2014

You would think that just by looking at the beautifully arranged centerpiece above that it is an expensive one. Right? Wrong! At Bloominous, those wedding flowers are very much right on your budget. The reason for that is the unique offer by the online shop... you will DIY the flowers. It will be delivered to you cut-to-order, ready for arrangement, and complete with accessories. The final step left is the arrangement itself. DIY alone or with others. It will be so much fun and a learning experience for most.

It's a small trade off, if you think about it. You will be doing some "dirty work" of putting the flowers together like the centerpiece above in exchange for a lower-priced wedding flowers. Don't worry about making mistakes in arranging it. Bloominous will provide pictorials for guidance.

Choose Bloominous for your elegant wedding flowers and be confident that you will not go over-budget with at least one aspect of your wedding preparations.

Hello, November!

Nov 1, 2014

Something good. There is always something good in the things that are happening in our lives. We may not see it now but sooner or later, it will come out of its disguise to show us that it was actually a blessing just dressed in a challenge.

This is not just a motivation for you but actually more for me, too. Sometimes I forget and I succumb to worrying again and again...

But one thing you can be certain about me is that I will keep on smiling! No matter how hard life is and how complicated it can be, I still love life!

Happy weekend everyone!


My own space at home.

Oct 18, 2014

If that is my bedroom, I swear I can stay up there for days and weeks! I can stay there for as long as there are books to read, food to eat and a TV for a change of diversion.

I wish I have a personal haven just like that.

Here's hoping you are all in your personal havens right now. If not, at least you are with your love ones.

Happy weekend everyone!


A place to go.

Sep 19, 2014

I wish there's a place for me and the family to go to whenever we feel the need for a refuge for the broken soul. A place where there is peace and quiet and everyone can do their own thing but still feel in harmony with the whole family. That's the place I want to be in right now.

Happy Friday everyone! Here's wishing all of you out there will have a fabulous weekend ahead.


Friends, then and now.

Sep 5, 2014
I treasure all my true friends more than they can ever imagine.


Eyes acting up!

Aug 19, 2014

I am feeling so inspired to blog for the past couple of days now. There are so many things I want to do and I find that I will be able to do all of it if not for my eyes which are acting up! It's aching and I know that my eye grade has gone up again.

Anyway, I am grateful that I am in the mood to update my blogs. I am also updating and tweaking some templates/themes so it has been a very busy couple of days for me. No complaints here, though. I am happy with what I do.


Keep the faith!

Aug 14, 2014

I know for a fact that He makes a way even if there are times when we feel like we're stuck in a corner with no way out. I've been in some very tight situations financially and I've always seen the light of day. I can definitely attest to His generous ways!

Keep the faith, my friends! He will make a way!


A Monday inspiration.

May 5, 2014

Nobody's perfect, that's for sure! And it is in our imperfections that we learn and mature and become who we are today.

Happy Monday everyone!

I am praying that this week will be a good one for you and me.